Exam 1

The following are agencies in the federal Executive Branch EXCEPT:

The following are federal requirements of interstate relations EXCEPT:

The Federalist Papers were important because they:

One reason why congressmen are reelected more often than presidents is:

The following is true about a "filibuster" EXCEPT:

The following rights were considered so important that they were in the original Constitution, EXCEPT:

The constitutional ban against nobility applied:

The first federal departments were:

The Council of Economic Advisors is part of:

How many committees in all of Congress must typically modify and approve a controversial bill before it becomes law (not including subcommittees)?

"New federalism" was instituted by ________ to _________:

All of the following have repeatedly lost power through checks and balances (including use of the 14th Amendment) EXCEPT:

The best arguments for and against requiring the election of federal judges are:

The Senior Executive Service (SES) has this characteristic:

Overrides of presidential vetoes of legislation include all of the following EXCEPT:

The Constitution may be amended by a Constitutional Convention. What vote is required to ratify an amendment once passed by a convention, and has this method ever been used?

The term "logrolling" means:

A reason to prefer "divided government" is:

The Declaration of Independence used these ideas of John Locke:

Which department currently oversees the Patent and Trademark Office?

The term used to describe a bill having many riders is:

The Congressional Budget Office does the following:

Who has more power and why: the Speaker of the House or the President of the Senate?

Incorporation Doctrine consists of:

Dual federalism consisted of:

The most democratic aspect of the original Constitution was:

Opponents of the Second Amendment claim that the right to own guns is:

The following are examples of federalism EXCEPT:

When a presidential candidate fails to win a majority of the popular vote, then

Suppose someone is being held in jail without trial. What principle would you cite to help him?

If asked to defend Alexander Hamilton’s claim that the judiciary is the "least dangerous" branch, you should argue: The Court lacks its own enforcement power, so improper decisions can be ignored by the other branches. Congress can limit the scope of judicial power. Even juries have the power to reject how judges apply the law to the facts of a case.

What is objectionable about "unfunded mandates"?

The legacy of Chief Justice Rehnquist is:

Federalist No. 10 advocated passage of the Constitution as a safeguard against

President Ronald Reagan was unusual in that he:

A good reason to demand reinstatement of the full spousal privilege in criminal cases is:

The Bill of Rights can be best summarized by which of the following:

The Constitution imposes which of these requirements in connection with the admission of new states? I. It must have a republican form of government. II. No new state can be created from within an existing state. III. Each state must guarantee equal rights on the basis of sex.

Congress has attempted to delegate its powers to the Executive Branch in which of the following areas: I. War II. Line-Item Veto III. Procedures for enacting legislation

The main reasons why the Democratic Party favored states’ rights in the 1800s and the Republican Party favors states rights now are: