Evolution and Politics

Instructed by Andy Schlafly

Eagle Forum University addresses the key issue of education, with a new course entitled “EVOLUTION & POLITICS.”

Education is a top priority for many. Some say the upcoming Supreme Court decision on school vouchers will be the most important education decision in over 40 years. Meanwhile, Congress’ recent “Leave No Child Behind” bill federalizes public schools.

Central to education is school curriculum, and for science the debate is over evolution. Ohio will soon hold a much-publicized hearing about requiring evolution indoctrination in its schools.

This new Eagle Forum University course describes the political motivation and impact of evolution indoctrination. It shows the liberal bias of forcing schools to teach it.

“Leave No Child Un-Doctrinated” is the first lecture.

Classroom discussion room is open. Please post your comments and join the debate!

Evolution and Politics Lessons
Lecture 1 Leave No Child Un-Doctrinated?
Lecture 2 Ohio Controversy and Censorship
Lecture 3 Migration and other Disproofs
Lecture 4 Under Water
Lecture 5 How Old?
Lecture 6 Wolf-to-Dog and Other Recent Myths