Global Warming Controversies

Instructed by Dr. Jane M. Orient

  • Global warming is often presented as fact. But is it really a dogma?
  • Could $2 billion in government-funded research lead us astray? Would NASA scientists dream up outlandish proposals to knock the earth into an orbit farther from the sun, if there were the slightest doubt of our impending catastrophe?
  • And what’s the harm in a “sensible insurance policy” anyway, even if the global warmers turn out to be wrong?
  • At the end of this course, the student should (1) recognize key fallacies and uncertainties in the global warming hypothesis; (2) evaluate the consequences of the Kyoto Treaty; (3) formulate questions for legislators, pundits, and policymakers.

Includes 4 weekly lessons and participation in the lively Discussion Board.

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