Rewrite the Constitution

How did our country go from being a global idol to a nation with more metal detectors than Bibles in our schools, some of the highest taxes in the world, and an ambiguous definition of marriage? Judges.

Many of Americans have forgotten what they learned in their government classes; the United States of America is a Republic organized under three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. All branches should share in the duty of balancing their powers. This ingenious system of checks and balances has not only served our nation well at the federal level, but also the states have modeled this form of government … because it works.

But where did America go wrong? Is it our system that is flawed? No, however, we must stand up and tell our elected representatives to restore the balance between the three branches of government, or judicial imperialism will destroy us.

The Constitution clearly vests “all” legislative powers in the Congress, but because of the inaction of our elected representatives, the judiciary has made sweeping changes to our laws, effectively neutering the authority and responsibilities of Congress. Consider that judges, not elected representatives, have invented the right to have an abortion, the right for illegal aliens to receive tax free benefits, and effectively outlawed public and school displays of the Ten Commandments. Should these new laws not have been debated and voted on by those representatives we worked so hard to elect?

We need judges to make decisions based on current laws, laws that have been reviewed, debated, and voted on, but we do not want judges making new laws. By usurping the authority of other branches of government, they are effectively, and single-handedly, erasing the rules our founders so deliberately created.

This course will help you understand more about our Constitution, the separation of powers, and what you can do to help restore America to a nation of laws and not men. Whether it is a new definition of “due process” or an “interpretation” that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional, you will learn what the Constitution allows, prohibits, and clearly states. You will be able to answer the tough questions of the day.

Recommended textbook for this course is The Supremacists, available for download.

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