Lecture 1 Quiz

1. The Constitution separates the federal government into three branches of government: legislative, executive and judicial. (from the lecture and p. 1 of the textbook The Supremacists

2. Judicial supremacists have removed the Ten Commandments from public schools, buildings, and parks. (p. 2 of the textbook.)

3. Judicial supremacists have held that taxpayers need not provide any taxpayer-paid benefits to illegal aliens. (p. 3 of the textbook.)

4. The advocate of an "evolving" Constitution was (p. 8 of the textbook):

5. An example of "substantive due process" is (p. 9 of the textbook):

6. New judges will not solve the supremacy problem because (pp. 12-14):

7. We must save self-government from whom (p. 15):