Supreme Court & Current Events

Instructed by Andy Schlafly

Our goal here is simple: to use the current battle over confirmation of the next Supreme Court Justice as a springboard to learn more about the judiciary. How important is the Supreme Court? What influence do Americans have on the appointment and confirmation of justices? Should the process be more or less democratic? How much should a candidate for the Supreme Court have to explain his position on certain issues?

The resignation of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has unleashed a political battle that will dominate our nation’s attention for the next two months, and maybe longer. Television, magazines, newspapers and the internet are already abuzz with chatter about filling her vacancy. This is the first Supreme Court nomination within the era of non-stop, 24-hour news coverage and media spotlight.

This creates a unique opportunity to educate ourselves and our children about the United States Supreme Court. Students may be awakened to an interest in law or history or politics. All of us are better off becoming more informed. The more we know, the better we can protect and promote our values.

Virtually every area of our lives has been touched by the United States Supreme Court. This course offers an engaging treatment of this important topic. Sign up, and learn!

Supreme Court & Current Events
Lecture 1 Introduction and Overview of the Supreme Court.
Lecture 2 Who is John G. Roberts, Jr.?
Lecture 3 Who is Samuel Alito, Jr.?