Lecture 2 Quiz

1. What was the single most important complaint the colonists had against Great Britain?

2. Find in these Founding documents the number of times the phrase “wall of separation of Church and State” appears.

3. Who is the original drafter of the Bill Of Rights?

4. How many general functions of government are there according to our Founders.

5. Who called for the Constitutional Convention?

6. We the people gave the Federal government certain specific functions to be performed for us. All the rest were delegated to the states respectively or to the people themselves. How many functions were given to the Federal government?

7. Today’s Federal government performs more than the original functions delegated. If this is true, pick the best answer below.

8. According to our founders the Constitution is to be studied in light of how it was ratified. When we read this document we are to read it -- Pick the correct response.

9. When is the President the Commander-in-Chief?

10. The authority to commission military officers was given to --

11. Bonus Question: In 1913 the ability of the Federal Government to tax our income was granted. Formerly all taxes were to be duties, tariffs and excise(sales). What change in ’the people’ had to occur for this to happen?