Lecture 3 Quiz

1. Who was the most important teacher of the Founding era?

2. According to the Founding Fathers the pillars of 'what' hold up our Republic.

3. The very existence of the Republic depends upon _______?

4. The shortest-lived form of government in previous ages was ______?

5. The Fundamental Orders of 1639 became a ________ for government?

6. According to the Fundamental Orders, who shall have the power to make and repeal laws?

7. If the Governor and Magistrates neglect or refuse to do their duty and not call the General Court to action, then who may have the power to conduct the government?

8. According to the Fundamental Orders why was government to be established?

9. In what year was the actual first directly 'imposed' tax levied on the Colonists?

10. Washinton wrote that if he were to succeed, and succeed he must, that we would win because....

11. Who said that it appeared that even God was on George Washingtons side?

12. How old was George Washington when he accepted a commission as General of the Continental Army?