Lecture 7 Quiz

1. James Wilson made a comparison between religion and law; which of the following comparison’s is correct?

2. Which of the following states drafted laws requiring state officials to profess their faith in Jesus Christ?

3. According to Jefferson what would break up the foundations of the Union?

4. The best description of the the Bill of Rights is expressed by which of the following answers?

5. When can the Federal government interfere in religious matters?

6. Which Founding Father said that: " God’s justice cannot sleep forever."

7. James Madison, the father of the Constitution, stated which of the following as the purpose of the First Amendment?

8. To compel a man to furnish (taxes) money for the promotion of ideas [abortions] that he believes to be abortions (evil), would be what according to Jefferson?

9. The truth is great and will prevail by herself unless she is disarmed of which of the following?

10. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, which of the following does the Federal government have the right to make laws against?

11. Where is the phrase ’wall of separation of church and state’ NOT found?

12. According to Thomas Jefferson the first duty of a citizen is , which of the following?