Lecture 8 Quiz

1. Joseph Story, the Father of American Jurisprudence, wrote that Arms are the Palatium of the liberties of the Republic. Which of the following defines Palatium?

2. According to William Rawle the Second Amendment also protects against intrusion of the ’Right to Keep and Bear Arms’ by the state government. True or False?

3. George Washington called firearms ’the what’ of our independence?

4. Which Founders referred to the militia as 'the whole of the people'.

5. Which Founder called ’Private Arms’ the birthright of Americans?

6. Many Founders believed the purpose of arms in the hands of the citizen was to protect against encroachments of freedom by the federal government. True or False?

7. What, according to Timothy Dwight, would help make an armed nation safe from it’s citizens?

8. Blackstone said that when people lose the Right to Keep and Bear arms that liberty is on the brink of destruction. True or False?

9. Who said that the beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until government tries to take the right away?

10. Did Fmr. Atty. General Janet Reno understand our Bill of Rights. Yes or No?

11. That the government gain ground (power) and liberty yield power is what according to Jefferson?

12. According to Patrick Henry, who’s been called ’The Second Greatest American’ what will preserve liberty?