Lecture 9 Quiz

1. Who was given the title of 'America’s First Humorist’?

2. To the States belongs the care of which of the following?

3. The Founders viewed the federal government superior to the state governments. True or False?

4. Who said, "Preach a crusade against ignorance"?

5. The Founders actually thought there would be a [good] bias toward State governments. True or False?

6. Justice David Davis told us that the Constitution would be an evolving document that would protect us by it’s changeability. True or False?

7. In the end, our entire system of government will depend upon which of the following?

8. Madison warned us that if the people do not understand the ’establishment clause’ someday the government might even run education and the schools of America. True or False?

9. Who said: "That the power which created the government can destroy it"?

10. Who was called 'the Great Ratifier'?

11. In Professor Tytler’s nine steps of the cycle of civilizations; which step do you think America is on?

12. Who said, "Government is Force"?

13. Bonus - deTocqueville’s witness of Massachusetts attitudes could today be looked as somewhat of an ..........